My good friend over there at the Big Binder household loves this area!  She is an expert on this city.  She knows almost everything there is to know about the river city and she didn’t even grow up here!  I have some friends, you know who you are, who have lived here all of their lives and don’t have the info that this lady has.  She is passionate for this city and wants to make everyone else think so too.  She contacted almost every area producer, distributor, manufacturer that she could find and begged kindly asked for some donations in exchange for her putting their generous name out in the world wide web for all to see.  She is wanting to share all of her great giveaways with all of you.  Please check out her postings on Eat Local and make sure to leave a comment.  You might win a fabulous prize from one of our locals.  I totally want the T-shirt.  Those Cheese Kurls are one of my favorite snacks, so cheesy!  She has also challenged me to an Eat Local Meme.  I do love to cook and I love finding yummy things to eat for my family.  So this weekend this Good Idea Momma will be making some eat local meals.  I will share them with you as well as the recipes and where I got the local yummy things.  I will even get some food critics (my family) to share their take on the meal.   So stay tuned for an update.  So while you’re patiently salivating for my next post, head on over and comment.