They say that imitation is one of the best compliments.  I found this so true after my second child was born.  To say that she was colic was a complete understatement.  She was born yelling and honestly didn’t really stop until she was about one.  After her first hospital bath, the nurse brought her back to me screaming of course, and replied, “Good Luck!”  Oh, the memories!  So my oldest spent lots of time mimicking me being a mommy.  She would sit next to me on the couch, breastfeeding her babies.  Everyone of her ‘babies’ still has Desitin smeared all over their bottoms.  (If anyone has a tip for removing diaper cream from plush, please send it my way!)  She would put her babies over her shoulder and follow me around the house, “shushing” and bouncing to get our babies to fall asleep.

To this day she is still so interested in doing everything her mommy does.  I mentioned in the past that I have a strong infatuation with Ebay.  My kids have watched me get my items ready, take the digital picture, package the item up, get it ready to post and ship.  They’ve spent hours with me at the post office entertaining themselves and the postal workers as they try to beat the world record for most Priority Mail Labels stuck to themselves.  I often see her get some of her baby doll clothes, wrap them up, and put them in some sort of packing.  I didn’t know the extent of her observation skills until I came home after a small night out with friends.  Awaiting me in the entry way was this:


Here are all her little Ebay packages waiting to go to the post office.  The next day, she brought them over to me and said, “Let’s see what Mr. Paul (our letter carrier) brought us today!”  She proceeded to open her packages with the same enthusiasm as one could imagine on Christmas morning!  I love her!