***Disclaimer:  This is a somewhat graphic bowel movement story.  You’ve been warned!***

The toileting adventure is going better than expected.  Other than separation anxiety, she was always good at transitions.  She went into her crib after 8 months of co-sleeping with no problems or screaming.  She weaned beautifully, although I secretly wished for her longing need to hang on to this one.  She moved from a crib to a big girl bed without missing a beat.  So, I guess I’m not that shocked that she took to this new challenge with such vigor. She was a little concerned at first about letting go of number 2, but she quickly realized that she literally couldn’t hold it in.  I mentioned in the past, at home she typically is either naked or in panties.  Today she was naked and busy playing in the playroom when she exclaimed, “Momma, I gotta poop”!  Now, she is 13 stairs away from the potty chair.  She starts walking up the stairs when it starts coming out.  Lucky for me, it was not a runny one, and it was easy to clean up.  I carry her up the last few steps and help her to the potty where she happily finished her business while reading.  In the past, I’ve talked about ways to extend literacy at home and this is no exception. 


Please see my previous entry, The Readin’ Room, if you are so obliged.  She is coincidentally reading the book, Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi.  I have to say in the past four days, she only had one miss when Daddy was in charge and I was at the grocery.  He forgot that she might need some reminders while playing outside.  We had some unscheduled outings today and she did fabulous.   We visited a preschool for the older sister (she used the toilet there), we went to Target (she used the toilet there) and made two other stops before getting back home.  We were gone about 4 hours and no accidents!   If I didn’t think that she was up for the task, I wouldn’t do it, but she was so ready.   I know we still have some rough waters ahead, but for now, I’m so proud of my Big Girl!