This fall I decided to take my oldest out of school.  I was very unhappy with the direction of the class, granted it is just preschool, but when I’m paying for it, I wanted it to be a worthwhile experience.  The teacher had many challenges at the beginning of the year.  She was a new teacher (not new to teaching, but new to the school) and many challenging children (not mine, of course).  I was quite unhappy from the start, but I was very patient.  I knew that I had very high standards and I tend to be overcritical when it comes to early childhood education.  However, there were only 9 children in the classroom and two paid staff.  The teacher was still asking for parent volunteers to help out in the classroom.  I certainly was not volunteering.  The reason I put her in preschool was for social time away from me so that she can gain independence and feel successful by her own achievements.   I went to the director with my concerns on several occasions, but the director thought that this teacher was wonderful and that things should work themselves out.  I even offered my assistance, but the director insisted that this teacher had all kinds of experience working with challenging children and she had all the faith in her ability to manage the classroom.  After two months of patience and nothing changing besides two of the challenging children finding alternative schools, I was done!

We took some time off and we started a little homeschooling.  I bought some bookshelves and set up a small work area to be separate from the play area.  The girls had fun doing their work.  However, everyday almost for two months, my oldest kept asking me to go back to school because she missed her friends.  She is such a social butterfly.  So, my quest of homeschooling had ended as I re-enrolled her in preschool.  I found a preschool that was in the afternoon which works better for her since she really likes her sleep.  She was so excited for her first day of school that she woke up on her own at 8:30, early for her.  She came downstairs already dressed and proceeded to get her coat and boots on.  Her preschool doesn’t start until 11:15.  I did manage to get her to take off her boots, but she left her coat on until it was time to leave.  When we got to school, she jumped right in and got to work.  She was too cute.