The other morning, I was enjoying a nice cup of hot coffee and watching my oldest child pretend to be the mom to my youngest.  She was covering her up with a blanket, bringing her a drink and some snacks, reading stories to her.  It was the sweetest thing, that is until one of them crossed the line with the other.  I don’t know what or how it happened and I was in the room with them.  But all of a sudden, the mood changed.  Being only 20 months apart, they still have a problem with the yours, mine, and ours part of their relationship.  They tend to get into some pretty heated disagreements that to me resemble a girly, WWF match.  Imagine lots of scratching, hair pulling, and smacking during one of their love fests.  Mind you, this typically lasts only 30 seconds, because I will intervene and have them get back into their separate corners (insert bell sound here), but nonetheless they both end up crying and losing.  Some days I feel more like a referee than a mother.  They find out quite quickly and concretely that there are no winners when problems are solved with violence.  Kids are so smart to figure this out at such a young age.  Too bad the leaders of our country don’t take advice from young children.