There are days like this that I am so glad that my children are less than 20 months apart.  They can be the best of friends at times.  Today my oldest was showing my youngest how to trace her hand using markers.  She even put on finger nails!  Mind you, she also pretended that the marker was nail polish and proceeded to ‘paint’ her and her sister’s nails the most lovely shade of magenta! 🙂  I so remember doing that when I was a kid!  Unfortunately the markers were not so washable back then!  Anyways, sometimes the washable markers that I have at home are a bit more stubborn.  Here is my little trick for removing marker from skin:  Baby oil on cotton balls rubbed gently on the skin is a quick way to remove the marker.  If you’re really adventurous, you can also let them play with shaving cream on a table and just spreading it around cleans the skin.  Shaving cream is a little messy so I take a garbage bag, cut off the bottom seal and cut a slit all the way up the side of the bag.  Before putting down the ‘work mat’, I make sure that the table is damp to ensure the garbage bag stays on the table.  When they are all done, just fold the garbage bag up and toss!  For more ways to remove pesky stains, visit the Crayola website.