For the second time in two months, my oldest daughter has a stye in her eye.  The first time around I thought that her little sister just smacked her because they are known to have some good WWF moments.  Then it never really went away.  By the second day, it was starting to get swollen.  I took her in to the doctor and he said, “It is a stye”.  He gave me some antibiotic drops for it and told me to try and get her to put a hot washcloth on it for 3-5 minutes a couple of times per day.   I agreeably shook my head yes and knew that was never going to happen!  I was able to get a minute or two with the hot washcloth, but lucky for us, it was gone a few days later. 

Now Monday I noticed her eye getting red again.  I am again thinking that her sister scratched her.  However, it was getting worse.  So by Tuesday afternoon, I called her doctor and left a message, “Hi, this is so and so, and I think my daughter has a stye again.  Please call me back if you think that she should be seen”.  Isn’t it amazing how your perception of child emergencies evolves over the years?!  I didn’t hear from them, so I figured no big deal.  Then at 5:50PM, the nurse calls me and tells me to bring her in.  We live less than a mile away, so off we went.  Yep, it is a stye again.  However, this time it is starting to become infected and swollen.  So not only is she on a topical antibiotic, she is on an oral antibiotic.  Now for most people this would not be a big deal.  However, for me it is.  This is the first time in her entire 4-1/2 years of life that she’s ingested an oral antibiotic!  In the past, I would just use breastmilk on all of their ailments ranging from scratches to pimples to yucky eyes.  However since I am not lactating anymore, I felt a little uncomfortable asking my friends for some of their breastmilk for my daughter’s eye.  So my daughter is now on manufactured antibiotics.  There is nothing natural about them.  However, if it cures her stye in the eye, than I guess I am happy.  A little discontented, but happy, I think?