I love for my children to get the “I told you so” from their own choices.  I try to warn them and keep them safe as much as I can, but there does come a time when they have to experience things first hand in order to get it.  That is exactly what happened today.  My youngest and I do our shopping when the big sister is at preschool.  My youngest gets to feel important in our very own one on one time.  When shopping, I usually let her walk next to me unless we are in a hurry.  If we are in a hurry, she gets the choice of sitting in the small baby part or the large basket part.  She usually asks to be in the larger part, however, she tends to want to stand instead of sit.  I told her on numerous occasions how unsafe standing in the cart could be.  She never listens and instead of fighting with her, I just kept a good eye on her.  Usually this really is not a problem because most shopping cart baskets are tall enough to keep her safe.  However, today we visited a store with much smaller, shorter baskets.  So I go through my whole “its unsafe to stand in the cart.  You could fall out and hurt yourself” lecture and she kept on standing.  Today was the day where the natural consequence unfortunately came into play.  She was leaning backward on the cart as I was slowly pushing her and out she tumbled onto the floor.  I hear a small thump as her head bumped the floor and the eruption of crying and screaming.  Lucky for me this is winter in Michigan and she was wearing a winter coat with lots of padding and her hood, so that cushioned her fall.  But she unfortunately learned a very valuable lesson.  Now I don’t recommend this as a teaching tool, because kids can get seriously injured falling out of grocery carts.  She had a little guardian angel with her today as she recovered quite quickly with no apparent bruising.  However, she probably will never stand up in the cart again!  Mission accomplished??!!

Here is what the American Academy of Pediatrics says about shopping cart safety: