Today was our first day that the temperature flirted with 60 degrees!  In Michigan it is a big, big deal.  We spent the entire day outside, literally.  From about 9:45AM until 7:15PM.  We even ate our lunch and dinner outside.  It was that nice of a day.  I cleaned and mulched my neglected flower beds.  My husband played with his cars, of course.  The girls rode bikes and ran around all day.  I knew from our wonderful meterologists that the temp was going to be warm, but I totally forgot the most important thing–sunscreen!  My poor fair skinned beauties got their cheeks, noses, and foreheads sunburned.  I am usually very diligent about sunscreen, but I totally forgot because it is spring, not summer.  Not an excuse for exposing them to future skin damage, but like my children’s natural consequences, I won’t forget tomorrow or ever again.  That is until next spring, I hope not anyways.  So, please learn from my misfortune, and lather up you and yours in a healthy layer of skin protection.  From now on my children will be sporting these lovely hats and lots of sunscreen.

FYI:  During a lifetime, 70% of total sun exposure occurs before the age of 17, this is why it is important to protect your child’s skin today to teach them to preserve their skin tomorrow. The skin has a memory, and damage caused by the sun during childhood is irreversible, cumulative and often only revealed during adulthood.

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