As some of you know I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006.  Up until April of 2006, I had no signs or symptoms of this disease until I was hospitalized for almost a week.  My oldest was two and my youngest was 6months old during that scary time when no one knew what was wrong with me.  After many visits to the ER and even more tests, the fine doctors finally figured out why I couldn’t stop vomiting by giving me an MRI and Spinal Tap!  My doctors urged me to start therapy, but since the Rx was not condusive to breastfeeding, I put it off and prayed that I stay healthy.  After another 7 months of cordicosteroids to control my symptoms of numbness and loss of sensation, we decided it was time to wean and start immunotherapy.  In December of 2006, I started Betaseron injections every other day.  I weaned onto the meds the first month and experienced the typical side effects that mimic the flu.  After month two of being on the meds, I realized one day that my hands and fingers were no longer tingling.  This was the first time in almost 8 months that I was able to feel the ends of my fingertips!  In March of 2007, I had another MRI to check on the progess of the disease.   I had great news.  My brain and spinal cord were almost completely healed with no new developments.  So for now the meds are working.  I feel symptoms once in a while and I have chronic fatigue, but that might also be related to taking care of two yound children and a new puppy. I plan on having another MRI toward the end of 2007.  In the meantime, please keep me and my family in prayer.  I’ll keep you posted.

A little info about MS:
MS is a chronic, unpredictable neurological disease that affects the central nervous system.

MS is not contagious and is not directly inherited.

Most people with MS have a normal or near-normal life expectancy.

The majority of people with MS do not become severely disabled.

5 Responses to “Multiple Sclerosis Update”

  1. cleaver mama Says:

    So you know, you are in my prayers every night before I go to bad. 🙂

  2. lookmomlook Says:

    I am so happy that you are doing better. Your inner strength and the strength of your family is amazing.

  3. bigbinder Says:

    I don’t know if I would have the selflessness to put breastfeeding before my own treatment. I hold you in high regard for that. Your children obviously mean the world to you and they are lucky to have you as a mom, and better yet, a healthy one.

  4. Char Says:

    I’m so glad that your MS is getting better, and that you are able to do more with your girls. Your ability to strive to be the best mom you can be, while dealing with this is amazing.

  5. Jackie Says:

    Thanks for all of the support. I have been steroid free for over one year now. I also feel great with no exacerbations since January of 2007! My doctor hinted that I may not have MS, but something called ADEM, which is a autoimmune virus that mimics the signs and symptoms of MS. Fall of 2008, I am will be going off my meds to see how my body reacts to the change. If no symptoms, no meds. Keep your fingers crossed!

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